The dance of gliding gracefully and powerfully in tune with the rhythm of a breaking wave is a seriously surreal experience, exhilarating and calming at the same time, and carves its way into my work with clay. I draw inspiration from texture and curves in the sand and surf of the Southern California coast, as well as the grace, attitude and gesture of the female form. Vibrant colors of sunsets paired with the warm, soothing tones of sandy beaches adorn my work. My passion is using the richness of my experiences to express a reverberation and afterglow which celebrates the beauty of creation and proclaims His goodness.


Clive Earnhart is a Southern California native, a former banker and lifelong surfer now living and creating in Asheville, North Carolina.

Introduced to clay in 2004 at Cypress College, Clive developed his passion for pottery and ceramics while working in banking and a earning his bachelors degree in business. He has studied ceramics at Cypress and Fullerton Colleges in Southern California and through the Independent Study & Mentorship (ISM) Program under Sarah Wells Rolland at The Village Potters in Asheville, NC.

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